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The layout plan

The theme of the layout is set in Holland during the sixties. The landscape is typically Dutch with wide-open polders, little villages and old towns. I used the available space to create a realistic landscape and to establish a real Dutch atmosphere. De Lage Zij has hardly more meters of track than Project Waldberg, although it is twice the size.

The layout plan is actually quite simple. A two-track main line runs from one hidden yard to the other. Trains travel from A to B and vice versa. It is however possible to go from one hidden yard to the other. This makes it possible for a loaded goods train to travel in clockwise direction, while a similar unloaded train runs in the opposite direction.

The town of Zwabberdam has the biggest station of De Lage Zij. The plan of the station is based on several plans of real stations in Holland. The same goes for the small station of Magerveen. The towns and stations are fictitious, but realistic. They could have existed in everyday life.

Almost all Dutch main lines had been electrified in the sixties. De Lage Zij is no exception and the main line has overhead wires. In contrast, the branch line into the polder is serviced by diesels. The branch line connects to the main line in the station of Zwabberdam. It ends in the third hidden yard.

The entire layout is built with Tillig Elite track, besides a few crossovers from Roco. The design has been drawn in Wintrack and has been illustrated with Adobe Illustrator. I only use wide curves and narrow-angle points. The main line is even equipped with the very long 9 degree points. The layout is digitally controlled with DCC.


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Download a detailed layout plan as PDF.

lagezij.pdf (1,2 mb)

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