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The LocoHub

The LocoHub is a junction box for the LocoNet. You use it to add branches to your LocoNet, to connect several modules at once or to add a connection for a throttle. Or all at the same time. The LocoHub does not use any power and does not add to the load on the LocoNet. There are two LocoHubs: the LocoHub8 and the LocoHub4.

The LocoHub8 has eight LocoNet connectors, which are 1-on-1 connected. You connect one of them to your central unit (or wherever your LocoNet is coming from) and use the other seven to connect what you want. The LocoHub helps you to create a central LocoNet cable under your layout with branches to modules, rather than looping one LocoNet cable through everything. This increases the reliability of your LocoNet and makes problems easier to spot. There is always a LocoNet connection at hand to add an extra module.

Assembling the LocoHub is a breeze. The position of the components is clearly marked on the board. Start by mounting the seven connectors. It may require some force to push them through the holes, but take care you do not bend any of the pins.

The shopping list:

Count Description Conrad number
8 RJ12 connectors 716136

If you have trouble sourcing the RJ12/6p6c connector, try Digi-Key Part Number AE10371-ND.

The LocoHub8 is made up of four sets of two connectors. You can split the board along three lines to create two hubs with four connections or one hub with six connections plus a cable joiner. The board is best cut with a fine hobby saw blade.


The LocoHub 4 is the LocoHub8's smaller brother. The small LocoHub was especially designed to add branches to a central LocoHub cable and to create connection points for throttles. The four connections have been set 90 degree angles to make this easier. Like the LocoHub8, the LocoHub4 does not consume any of the LocoNet's power, nor does it need an external power supply.

Count Description Conrad number
4 RJ12 connectors 716136

If you need to know whether your LocoNet has reached the limits of its power, you can measure the current power consumption with the LocoNet Tester. Is extra power needed? Get yourself a LocoHubSupply to split your LocoNet into sections and to power the new section separately.

The board can be ordered in the shop.



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