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The lower level

The lower level is not much more than a big loop. The small station is based on the station at Soest, like it was in the 60’s. The yard has been simplified by leaving out one of the goods tracks.

The ascending line towards the factory and the terminus is connected to the loop via a triangle. Trains can pass the loop both clockwise and counter clockwise. The staging yard has also been designed as a terminus to save space. Trains enter and leave the staging yard via the triangle, where they can change direction if needed. The layout is operated by a computer and shunting into and out of the staging yard is conveniently handled by the software.

The layout

This is what the staging yard looked like, before the Baarn section was built on top of it.

The leg of the triangle that connects to the Soest section.

2009 - 2019

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Download the layout plan as PDF.

buitenlust.pdf (5.0 mb)

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