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The sixties

De Lage Zij is situated in the middle of the sixties. In Dutch eras this is towards the end of era III. The period of reconstruction after the war was over and the economy was flourishing. All main lines had been electrified. Modern electrical locomotives and multiple units dominated the passenger service. Branch lines were operated by diesels. The last steam engine had left the Dutch railroads almost a decade ago.

The famous NS (National Railways) logo and yellow corporate identity had yet to be introduced. After some colourful experiments in the fifties all electrical locomotives and passenger carriages were now blue. Electrical multiple units were green and most diesel multiple units were red. Goods trains and diesel locomotives were painted brown.


The basics
Measurements 600 x 500 cm
Height 105 - 125 cm
Theme and era Tijdperk III - Nederland (1960-1969)
System 2-rail DC
Controls Intellibox - pure DCC
Construction period April 2004 - January 2007
Layout plan
Rails Tillig Elite, Roco
Length ± 200 m
Maximum grade 2,8 %
Overhead wires Sommerfeldt/scratch built
Signals Henckens
Staging yards 8 + 9 + 4 tracks
Rolling stock
General Electrical and diesl
Locomotives Roco, DKM, Märklin/Trix, Fleischmann
Cars Roco, Sachsenmodelle, Piko, etc.
Average traffic intensity 5 to 6 trains simultaneously
Maximum train length ± 250 cm
Ballast Woodland Scenics fine
Shell Foam, mesh, plaster
Buildings Artitec, Tilly, Pola, Faller, scratch built
People Merten, Preiser
Trees Scratch built, Faller, Heki
Vegetation Woodland Scenics, Heki, Bush, Faller
Backdrop Blue wall paint


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